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Free PHP ODP Script

Free PHP ODP Script

Install and customize

Learn how to install, manage and customize the script.


  • Decompress the zip file.
  • Modify the /config.php file to set up your desired configuration.
  • Upload the files to your server's root directory or subdirectory.
  • (Only if using cache) Chmod /cache directory (or the indicated in the /config.php file) to 777.


The script is totally template-based. All code returned is editable through the template files: /template_index.php for index and categories and /template_search.php for search results.

Each template block is saved in a PHP variable, for instance:

$TEMPLATE["HEADING"] = <<<EOF Here the editable text! EOF;

Within these variables you can use any HTML code, also "labels" that will allow you to use dynamic content generated by the script. This labels are presented within brackets, for instance [CATEGORY_NAME].

Read the template files and look the returned code for better understanding.

To set up a home category different from the index category of ODP, edit the home_path variable of the /config.php file.

To enable the cacheability of the directory categories/searches, change the use_cache variable of the /config.php file to TRUE, and choose a cache expiration (default to 30 days) by editing the cache_expiration variable.

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